Sunday, July 6, 2014

Farewells and Good Bye's

Sailing has given me much joy over the past year or so. It has also introduced me to some remarkable people. Those introductions have developed into friendships.

The first person that we got to know when we came to our slip last year was a fellow named Aaron. He was at that time, the owner and the skipper of a racy boat called Serenity Now. Serenity was moored in the slip next to us. Aaron was very welcoming and unbelievably helpful. His knowledge of all things mechanical and his willingness to lend a hand when you need it most, and his gentle personality, make him tops by any measure.

Aaron introduced us to some others around the Marina. There was Hank and Caroline, owners of the sleek blue beauty named Tarka, and veteran coastal cruisers Richard and Pat of the sailing vessel Habu.

Every trip to the marina is always much more complete if we run into any of all of these fine folks. They have all become our sailing family.

June is aways a month of preparing for the summer cruising season, with last minute projects, or cleaning, provisioning and planning. This June however was a bit different as we prepared ourselves to bid farewell to the sailing family's original member, Aaron. He and his friendly sea dog Kia are relocating to Vancouver Island and although we are happy for Aaron and his new beginnings, we all are selfishly sorry to see him move on.

The occasion had lots of wonderful conversation and FOOD!

Before his move, the "family" got together for a farewell pot luck at the dock. The food and conversation were wonderful and we all agreed that we should have done this sooner. It wasn't a week later that Aaron was on his way to his new home port, Campbell River. The dock here in Horseshoe Bay just won't be the same without him.

Charlene and The man of the hour- Aaron

Pat hands out the Desert.
Not long after Aaron cast off, Richard and Pat slowly and surely piloted Habu from her slip. They go away for two months or more sailing north to the quiet bays and rugged north central coast. Again the marina is just not the same when you look over and see Pat and Richard's slip empty.

Habu, making her final departure preps.

We look forward to leaving ourselves shortly. Corleto is going to join Tarka and her crew as we passage to the Gulf Islands very soon. I am sure when we all get back together for the next dock pot luck, there will be many new and great adventures for us all to share. But until then it's farewell and good bye,,,, for now.

Charlene and Corleto, ready to go.

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