Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Shit List

"Where the hell have you been young skipper? 
Have you forgotten me already?" - Corleto

This has been a long hiatus from the boat. I guess I'm one of those fair weather fools perhaps. Time has been short this winter season and what time I have had has been spent on the ski slopes with my visiting brother. Weather has been less than ideal I suppose, but with the sun setting noticeably later, my thoughts have drifted back to Corleto and her siren call to the dock.

February marks a year that Corleto and I have been together. To mark this anniversary I had hoped get out on the water and put the laundry up, but life has somehow got in the way.

I have visited the dock with some regularity. Checking lines and the bilge. Making sure that the boat is not iced up inside. The little space heater has done a great job keeping the boat above freezing. We are kinda lucky here in BC as the winter has been less that brutal unlike the winter being experienced in the rest of North America. Just before Christmas I had resealed the leaking port lights. I checked after each major rain event and found that the windows have been truly sealed. I did however discover that I have a leaky chain plate on the port side. I guess that re-bedding will be in my immediate future as the winter gives way to spring.
It was discovered during last fall's ONN Weekend that my fresh water pump was cracked. That will need attention before we set sail for far away anchorages.

Port Side rear chain plate showing signs of leakage

That said, the second annual Never Ending List of Shit to do is beginning to look like this:

Re-bed Chain Plates
Strip Brightwork
Rewire and change out Ignition Key switch
Gelcoat repairs to the deck
Paint gel coat decking
Replace fresh water drinking water pump.
Clean and polish

This Flo Jet water pump has a crack likely from water freezing form a year ago.

I am sure there is more.

But on the other hand, The Sailing Goals list:

Fly the Spinnaker
Man overboard under sail/ both Charlene and I at the helm.
Anchor with Charlene at the helm.
Explore a bit more.
The Gulf Islands or North to Campbell River
Catch some prawns!

Now is there enough of a season to accomplish all that?
I'm sure there is.

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