Tuesday, November 12, 2013

October - ONN Weekend

This past 8 months have been a wonderful ride. Corleto has taught me more than I can possibly write down in this short post. And she still is teaching me little lessons each time I visit her at the dock. For the cash I laid down for her, she has been excellent value.

As some of you may remember, a fellow by the name David Kincaid (Kinc) helped me get her to Canadian waters back in Feb. Well Kinc extended an invitation to me to join a fall flotilla with 3 other boats set for the weekend after Canadian Thanksgiving. This fall sail had become a tradition for those involved. Up until this season, I had only heard stories of this fabled gathering. This year the Commodore had made room for one more boat. Corleto had been invited to the dance.

Being a newbie Skipper to the big weekend, Kinc offered his advice and his services to join the crew aboard Corleto. An offer which I cheerfully and graciously accepted.

Kinc and Murman aboard Corleto during the ONN Weekend

The whole idea of this weekend came about some years ago, to leave the first mates ashore, recruit some crew and head out into the "off" seasonal winds and tear ass around the bays and waterways of southern BC, under sail, boat healing, waves crashing over the bow becoming salty sailors each and everyone.

Well that was the idea. The reality was FOG and light wind. It was still a blast and I met some new faces and got reacquainted with some others. It was just great to get out there and have some fun.

Corleto showed herself well on day 1. Light winds in the fog, the group decided to race to the Bell Buoy and then to Snug Cove. After about 45 minutes- the race was called due to light or no winds- Corleto with her drifter sail had been the closest to the mark. I figured the Commodore called it off to prevent the "new" girl showing up the veterans. No matter, Kinc and I claimed victory and we'll just leave it at that.

Andy and Gord of the Sonoran Sol as the sail by Corleto

As the "camera" ship for this event we had mounted a series of GoPro cameras on various parts of the boat. On day two we mounted one on the Sonoran Sol, the Commodore's boat. We came back with some nice pics. Like any gathering, the ONN (Ongoing Nautical Nightmare) group had a ton of fun swapping sea stories and other tall tales over a celebratory "pop" or two when we all arrived at our berths both on Snug Cove and in Gibsons. The food was good and the company was better.

Kinc making sure his credit is good at Corleto's Casino deck

The casino aboard Corleto featured the blood sport of Backgammon. Just ask Kinc who's blood was all over the table,  the Skipper prefers his dice- "Loaded".

Indeed it was great fun, even if the "winds of November" didn't come early. I look forward as does Corleto to doing it all over again next October. Here's the Video- Enjoy

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