Saturday, February 23, 2013

So Much to Do

With the offer, counter offer and acceptance I became a boat owner. Old salts say, its one of the happiest days of boat ownership. The other being the day you sell it. I am going to try to buck that adage, but we will see.
There so much to do. Where to start? Lets begin with Moorage as I needed a place to tie her up. 
I had always been told it was tough to find a slip in the Vancouver area. For one- depending on where you are located a birth will be pretty expensive and two- low vacancy. 

I had actually begun my preliminary search for potential moorage before I had even looked at the Corleto as there was no point in doing this if I could not find a place for her. I searched Marinas and Docks in greater Vancouver trying to find out what a ball park cost would be so as to add that to my boating budget. I stumbled onto a site that listed all of the Marinas on Lower Mainland and I began to check them all out in the comfort of my office chair. Most had a waiting list. A couple were just so outrageous I eliminated them right away. The marina closest to where I live had only one slip available  so I called and made arrangements to go have a look. The only problem was geography. It was several hours motoring from the good sailing in the Strait of Georgia and beyond. But it was close to where I actually live. The staff there gave me an idea what it was going to cost me and agreed to give me first right of refusal on the slip for a week without any money down. 

I continued my search and found that a marina within 5 minutes of being in the good sailing area had two slips available  and they listed their annual moorage rates on their web page. They were more expensive than what I had already saw, but the location, I just couldn't beat the location.

Beautiful Horseshoe Bay from Chopper 9

I made arrangements to go look at this one the day after returning from Kingston. As soon as I saw it I knew this was the place. 
Before I left the dock, the friendly Moorage Manager not only gave me a deal, that saved me near $800.00 but she sent me on my way with a couple of Boat Show passes for the upcoming weekend.

My slip at Sewell's Marina, Horseshoe Bay
But there was still much to do, Insurance, Marine surveys, Bottom Paint, travel and delivery of the boat, my head just hurt thinking about it. 

Walking into BC Place for the Vancouver International Boat Show was different this year. This time I actually was an owner. I had a number of things to research and I could do them all in one place. The first item on the agenda Insurance and what would be required to obtain it. The first two stops with Insurance brokers were not encouraging, perhaps my meagre vessel was just too small potatoes for them. I don't know, but with them it was all roadblocks and obstacles. Then we meet this wonderful lady who understood the excitement of new boat ownership and was all about what can be done. Needless to say we found our Marine Insurance. 

As we enjoyed browsing the various booths and vendors, getting ideas and information that would help us begin our cruising lives sailing the BC Coast. 

Now all I needed was to get the boat here. And that will happen very soon. 

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